Clay Mask Australia

High-quality clay mask skin-care and lifestyle products using natural and
pure Mineral Clay from Australia. Infused with crystal water and made by hand.

clay mask Australia
Clay Mask Australia

Clay Mask Australia

Mineral Healing clay can be used by everyone – regardless of age or gender. Healing clay provides many benefits and is only limited by your willingness to experiment. We have created a range of products using only the best pure, natural Australian clay’s and zeolites sourced locally, those that can safely be used on any part of your body, internally or externally. Give mineral healing clay a try, you will be truly amazed at the results.

Health and Beauty

Clay and clay therapy has been used for centuries for health and beauty due to their extraordinary healing qualities. There are many benefits associated with clay as it contains cleansing and toning properties, as well as being analgesic and antiseptic.  Healing clay removes toxins giving your skin a healthy glow.  Healing clay also stimulates cells and promotes new, healthy tissue growth.

When applied to the skin as a mask, oxidation and circulation are accelerated. Clay, therefore, acts as a light massage. Mineral Healing clay applied as a face mask stimulates circulation, aids toxin elimination, rejuvenates your skin, and cleans pores by drawing out all impurities. Leaves skin silky smooth, squeaky clean and noticeably vibrant. Regular use will help your skin be in the best possible condition it possibly can.

First Aid

You can use it as a spot treatment to treat cuts, scratches, tropical sores, burns, bites, etc.

Clay has many amazing properties and is a wonderful tool for healing. Its powerful drawing capabilities mean it can be applied directly to an open wound to draw out any dirt and infected matter. It is antibacterial and as such toxins are neutralized and adsorbed. Healing clay soothes itchy skin almost immediately, so apply directly to bee, wasp, mosquito, and green ant bites, you will be amazed (and relieved) at the results.

Healing clay is antiseptic, destroying harmful bacteria without attacking the surrounding healthy cells. Its regenerative qualities promote the regrowth of healthy cells and minimize scarring. It is stimulating, as it brings oxygen-rich blood to the surface of the skin, helping heal injuries quickly. Use healing clay whenever pain or injury strikes, nature has provided us what we need to heal ourselves safely and quickly.

As a mineral boost – You Can Drink It

Ingesting or drinking clay assists in eliminating toxins, and is ideal to cleanse your body internally. It is a mineral supplement with the most active minerals being calcium, magnesium, and silica but there are many more minerals and trace elements too.  Healing clay’s unique structure allows it to draw in microbes including harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungus. It helps to absorb these toxins while eliminating them from your body before they enter your bloodstream, thereby reducing toxins to the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system.  Drink healing clay every day to assist in eliminating toxins while keeping your body healthy.

You can feed it to your animals and plants

Animals instinctively use the earth to heal themselves. Feed it to your pets in their water bowl, or apply it as a poultice to treat wounds and sores. Your animal friends will thank you! Use it to replace your chemical fertilizers for your garden. Soak plant roots in a clay bath when transplanting/replanting plants.

Wash your fruit and vegetables in it

Much has been said and written in the media lately on the importance of soaking and scrubbing your fruit and vegetables before use to eliminate toxic chemical residue. Our fresh foods can also contain pesticide residues and toxic compounds produced by moulds on the surface or even inside the tissues of these foods. Healing clay’s powerful drawing action will assist with removing these chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

There are so many uses for mineral healing clay in day-to-day life. Keep some near you at all times, you will be amazed by its versatility and adaptability, and how quickly the power of clay can work for you. Experiment safe in the knowledge that healing clay can only help.  We do hope you will experience the wonderful world of healing clay with us. © Linda Philip.