The Earths important clays are mineral clays and these are widely used in the healing and cosmetic industries. The TL Collection range of healing mineral mud masks has been blended using specially sourced natural active Australian clays.  Rare earth, abundant minerals, crystal clay, and pure active mineral water combine perfectly to produce mineral mud with superior healing qualities that naturally detoxes, cleanses, nourishes and tones to name just a few of the many benefits.

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The TL Collection Skin Care Australia

Our aim is to provide high-quality skin-care and lifestyle products using natural and pure resources, just like nature intended. Our aromatherapy candles and jewelry are not only beautiful, but they also bring many other benefits associated with essential oils and/or crystals.

Mineral Clay Masks

There are many benefits to using Mineral Mud, and it is much more than a wonderful, soothing, cleansing, face mask. First-aid care with mineral mud is easy, safe, and effective. Mud has many actions, for example, it cleanses deeply and draws out the toxic matter, while at the same time exfoliating dead skin cells. Mud is antiseptic, destroying harmful bacteria without attacking the surrounding healthy cells. Its regenerative qualities promote regrowth of healthy cells and minimize scarring.

SpritzKist Body Sprays

Freshen your personal space with a spritz of subtly scented rose, lavender, lemon & lime water. Spritzkist your immediate area to contemplate thought or invigorate concentration. Spray Lavender spritz on your pillow before sleeping for calming and relaxation. Like Clay therapy, the use of aromatic plants for religious, medical, cosmetic and magickal purposes. Essential oils can affect us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The TL Collection has created a range of body sprays using pure essential oils.