All Australian Skin Care

During the ages therapeutic clay and mud have been used by cultures throughout the world. Clay products are readily available throughout Europe where clay therapy has been practised continually for centuries in health spas and in the home. Australian Aborigines have always recognized the many benefits gained from using clay’s for healing and ceremonial purposes.

The T L Collection has created a range of products utilizing what we believe to be the oldest and most effective natural skin-care resources ever known to man – crystal clay, rare earth, and pure active mineral water! Our range of face and body masks consist of blends of mineral mud with a lightness of texture beyond compare.

We are proud to claim that our products are truly organic! Our therapeutic mud is live, its active, it is derived from living organisms (ie plant, rocks) and furthermore our clay’s are naturally processed and do not contain preservatives, biocides, dyes, or fragrances.

Australian Clay

The T L Collection skin care range is the perfect solution for those trying to manage skin problems or for whose who simply want to look after their skin and be pampered at the same time, safe in the knowledge no harmful chemicals and additives are being absorbed into the skin. We hope you enjoy discovering the many benefits to be gained by using The T L Collection Australian crystal clay products one of Mother Earth’s oldest and most effective remedies.

As we continue to grow, our range will be enhanced and extended. Please come back to visit us and see our latest developments. We are thrilled to receive your comments and feedback and appreciate your continued support. – Linda 

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