Dream Catcher Jewellery

dreamcatcher jewellery

Dream Catchers as Jewellery with Lava Stones and Essential Oils

Dreamcatchers originally associated with Native American cultures, have today become a very popular item of jewellery in many countries throughout the world. For some, it is worn as an amulet to provide protection from negative energies, while others may be drawn to its beauty without really understanding its culturally rich and symbolic history.

Put simply, dream catchers are believed to bring pleasant dreams, good luck, and harmony, however they play a significant role in Native American culture. Dreamcatchers also is said to represent a medicine wheel with every element having meaning. Its circular shape represents the circle of life, with no beginning and no end, and is woven to resemble a spider’s web, to catch bad dreams. It is believed that the feathers act as a pathway to allow good dreams to float to the dreamer below, while bad spirit dreams are held in the centre of the dream catcher to be dispersed in the first light of day. To find out more about the traditional meaning and uses of dream catchers please see >

Traditionally made to hang over your sleeping space and created using natural materials, today you can purchase dreamcatchers as jewellery made from gold, silver, metal alloy etc. They can be worn around your neck as necklaces, wrist as bracelets, or ears as earrings. They are said to represent love, honesty and purity and bless the wearer with pleasant dreams, good luck, and harmony throughout their lives.

Dream Catcher Jewellery

Crystals are often attached to the dream catcher and represent the element of earth, bringing the properties, energies and magic of each specific stone. Lava Stones, therefore, are ideal as they literally come from the core of the earth and represent strength and courage, and because of its grounding qualities, is wonderful for calming your emotions. Furthermore, essential oils can be added to the porous surface of lava stones, making them even more potent. For further information on the qualities of lava stones please see >

Dreamcatchers, rich in symbolism and history, combined with lava stones and essential oils have provided us with the perfect resources to create exquisite pieces of jewellery, that not only complement any outfit you wear but bring many spiritual and healing benefits. To purchase your own Dreamcatcher jewellery and/or for further information please see our Etsy store >

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