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Angel Wings Lava Stone Earrings

Angel Wing Lava Stone Aromatherapy Earrings

Lava Stone And Angel Wings Jewellery

Angels are connected with the spiritual realm, symbolizing freedom, spirituality, comfort and protection. Angels and Angel Wings have been depicted in many and varied art-forms throughout the ages and play a significant role in popular culture throughout the world today. Many of us wear angel wing jewellery as a memorial for a departed loved one or to symbolise that we are connected to, and protected by, Angels as we go about our every-day lives.

Angel Wings Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

Angels are said to be God’s Warriors in both Eastern and the Western cultures, and as such are fearsome and protective, acting as a link between the spiritual and physical realms. Their role, amongst others, is to heal and guide us while providing love, support, comfort, and protection, especially in times of need.  Wearing Angel Wings as jewellery helps us feel connected to the spirit realm and reminds us that we are being watched over by our angels.


Angels are all around us, and if we open our minds and hearts, we can see their signs and tune into their messages. Several examples of this form of communication with the spirit world may be finding a feather on your path, especially a white one, letting you know angels are nearby. Looking into the sky and noticing a perfect formation of an angel, replete with wings also lets you know that angels are watching over you. Finding coins in unusual places is also a sign of guidance and support. Ever noticed a sudden flash of bright light? This can also be another sign from your angels letting you know that you are protected and free.

There are so many other ways our angels can communicate with us, it may also be through music, numbers, or rainbows to name but just a few, all you need to do is ask for a sign and take notice, you won’t be disappointed.

Angel Wing jewellery is very special and symbolizes freedom, spirituality, comfort and protection, and usually has a very personal meaning attached to wearing it. For some, it represents comfort and protection from the symbolism of large, protective wings enveloping us and keeping us safe. For others it may represent a departed loved one, keeping them near to us and strengthening our connection with the spirit realm. Or whether it simply represents freedom, as we spread our wings and soar, one thing for sure is that Angel Wing jewellery always has a very special meaning attached to it for the wearer. What special significance does your Angel Wing Jewellery hold? Purchase your angel wing earrings now > © Linda Phillip

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