Soy Candles

The T L Collection Candles

Hand-made healing décor pieces using superior eco soya, pure cotton wick and essential oils. A long burning candle hand poured to delight all the senses.

Hand Made

on line etsy storeSuperior eco soya, pure cotton wick and essential oils combine to create a long burning candle.
Our new range of candles has been designed for luxury and healing. Superior eco soya is delicately poured over specially selected pure cotton wicks to ensure candle melts evenly from wick to rim and from top to bottom. Blended with a strong scent throw of essential oils that will complement any aromatherapy healing or simply to admire and relax in the ambience of your scented surroundings.

Hand Made

Eco soya is very special

… is a cleaner, natural alternative to paraffin wax candles,
… does not stain. Simply wipe or wash any spills with warm soapy water,
… does not burn. Melts at a cooler temperature so will not burn skin. Simply extinguish flame, dip finger in melted wax and it turns safely into a hand moisturiser,
… ensures stronger and purer scent throw. Retains scent after re-setting. The scent will throw whether wick is alight or not,

Hand Made

… melts evenly from wick to rim and from top to bottom,
… is an environmentally friendly produced renewable resource that can be sustained without risk of damaging our precious ecosystem.
… free from palm wax, beeswax, petroleum, paraffin, pesticides and herbicides, toxic and genetically modified materials, and is Kosher certified,
… there is nothing better available that meets the purpose of TheTLCollection Candles.

All hand-made by Trudi herself. Order your premium quality aromatherapy candles from our ETSY store.

on line etsy store

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