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5 Reasons You Should Eat Clay Everyday

Clay health benefits. There are many health benefits to be experienced with the use of clay therapy. Try eating or drinking it as well.

5 Benefits Mineral Healing Clay

Mineral Healing clay can be used by everyone – regardless of age or gender. Healing clay provides many benefits and is only limited by your willingness to experiment. We have created a range of products using only the best pure, natural

Honey Clay Mask DIY Nature’s Gifts

Honey Clay Mask DIY. Nature provides us with so much of what we need to live a healthy and happy life. We are all aware of the healing properties contained in fruit and vegetables, herbs and spices, and pure water that nurtures our bodies, but nature also provides us with all the resources we need to nurture our skin.

Start The Day Drinking Clay

Detoxify everyday drinking clay. Ingesting or drinking clay assists in eliminating toxins, and is ideal to cleanse your body internally, just as your clay mask does for your face externally.

10% Off Lava Jewellery

10% Off! promotion of our lava stone aromatherapy jewellery begins today 19th of March Ends 19th of April. Use the promo-code GIFT333 at our ETSY store checkout.

Angel Wings Lava Stone Earrings

Angel Wing Earrings lava stone aromatherapy jewellery. Learn about the symbology and spiritual meaning of angels and wearing angel wing jewellery.

SpritzKist Body Sprays

Freshen your personal space with a spritz of subtly scented rose, lavender, lemon & lime water. Spritzkist body sprays your immediate area to contemplate thought or invigorate concentration.

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