Healing Mineral Mud Wash Drops

Healing Mineral Mud Wash Drops The T L Collection takes great pride in sourcing only the cleanest and purest Australian active mineral clays and water. The clays are mostly of Queensland or Northern New South Wales origin and are mined using traditional methods and utilize natural sun drying processes. The clay's and water have been … Continue reading Healing Mineral Mud Wash Drops

Healing Benefits Of Clay Masks

The medicinal spiritual meditative and pampering effects of mineral mud, learn how to make your own home remedies. by Linda Philip.

Healing Clay Australia

Healing Mineral mud used for thousands of years from elephants to people. Learn the healing properties and benefits of the mineral mud mask.

Healing Clay Is For Everyone

Healing clay can be used by everyone - regardless of age or gender. Even animals instinctively use mud to heal themselves when they are ill or wounded. Healing mud offers many benefits and is only limited by your own willingness to experiment.