Healing Clay Is For Everyone

Healing clay can be used by everyone – regardless of age or gender. Even animals instinctively use mud to heal themselves when they are ill or wounded. Healing mud offers many benefits and is only limited by your own willingness to experiment. We have created a range of products using only the best natural clay’s sourced locally and those that can safely be used on any part of the body and can even be used for our animal friends.

Our white and pink clays are very gentle and ideal to treat babies suffering from nappy rash.  All blends are suitable to treat cuts, abrasions and insect bites etc anywhere on the body making it ideal for toddlers and children. For teenagers and adults, they make the perfect face-mask – to cleanse, exfoliate, and rejuvenate. Therefore the versatility, adaptability, and purity of our clay products make them ideal for all skin types and conditions and for all ages.

Looking after your skin is vital, after all, it is our largest organ. There is much written on the do’s and don’ts for healthy skin. Some of the major Do’s are drinking lots of water, as this flushes toxins, and getting adequate sleep, as the skin rejuvenates itself while we are sleeping. Excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, and exposure to the harsh sun are some examples of the major don’ts. However, it is never too late to start taking good care of your skin!

Men’s skin is on average less delicate and more oiler than women’s. And women’s skin ages faster than men’s. Much of this is attributed to collagen. Collagen is a part of the connective tissue that helps in firmness and suppleness and is responsible for the renewal of skin. Women lose collagen faster as they age. Men produce more collagen, have a thicker dermis, and larger oil and sweat glands. It is therefore just as important for men as it is women to take care of their skin. Our mud products are ideal for males, as in our experience, men prefer, natural, non-greasy and non-perfumed products.

We have developed a wonderful range of clay products that are suitable for most skin types and all age-groups. Over the coming weeks and months, we hope you come back and visit as we explore each of our products in more depth and expand on some of the many benefits our healing mud can offer.

Whether you are treating skin disorders such as acne, dry or sensitive skin, or whether you have wonderful skin you wish to maintain and do not wish to use chemicals, fragrances and preservatives, our mineral clay and mud products could be just the answer to your problem. We do hope you will experience the wonderful world of clay with us. – Linda