Mineral Clay Wash Drops

Healing Mineral Mud Wash Drops

The T L Collection takes great pride in sourcing only the cleanest and purest Australian active mineral clays and water. The clays are mostly of Queensland or Northern New South Wales origin and are mined using traditional methods and utilize natural sun drying processes. The clay’s and water have been thoroughly tested for quality mineral content, purity, effectiveness and sensitivity to the skin. We are safe in the knowledge that by utilizing nature’s finest resources The T L Collection products offer a safe, alternative treatment to effectively help repair problem skin or by pampering with the most incredible cleanse that not only does skin feel crystal clean, it really is ! – All handmade by Linda herself.

healing mineral mud

Crystal Clay Wash Drops

Crystal Wash drops are ideal for those who cannot or choose not to use soap and is ideal to treat itchy skin disorders such as dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema. The gentle active minerals in Crystal Wash Drops work with the skin to eliminate the source of irritation, exfoliate dead skin cells, and encourage new healthy skin growth resulting in unbelievably silky, smooth and soft skin.

Crystal Wash Drops do not lather and are totally different to anything currently commercially available. They provide rapid relief and truly leaves your skin crystal clean. They are made using clays, zeolite and spring water, and do not contain any fragrances, oils or preservatives.