Start The Day Drinking Clay

Drinking Clay Zeolite Powder (The TL Collection) Detoxify everyday drinking clay. Ingesting or drinking clay assists in eliminating toxins, and is ideal to cleanse your body internally, just as your clay mask does for your face externally. We are exposed to heavy pollutants daily and these can be found in our immediate environment, in the air, … Continue reading Start The Day Drinking Clay

10% Off Lava Jewellery

10% Off! promotion of our lava stone aromatherapy jewellery begins today 19th of March Ends 19th of April. Use the promo-code GIFT333 at our ETSY store checkout.

Angel Wings Lava Stone Earrings

Angel Wing Earrings lava stone aromatherapy jewellery. Learn about the symbology and spiritual meaning of angels and wearing angel wing jewellery.

SpritzKist Body Sprays

SpritzKist Body Sprays Freshen your personal space with a spritz of subtly scented rose, lavender, lemon & lime water. Spritzkist your immediate area to contemplate thought or invigorate concentration. Spray Lavender spritz on your pillow before sleeping for calming and relaxation. Like Clay therapy, the use of aromatic plants for religious, medical, cosmetic and magickal purposes has … Continue reading SpritzKist Body Sprays

Healing Mineral Mud Wash Drops

Healing Mineral Mud Wash Drops The T L Collection takes great pride in sourcing only the cleanest and purest Australian active mineral clays and water. The clays are mostly of Queensland or Northern New South Wales origin and are mined using traditional methods and utilize natural sun drying processes. The clay's and water have been … Continue reading Healing Mineral Mud Wash Drops