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10% Off Lava Jewellery

10 % lava jewellery


10% Off! promotion begins today 19th of March Ends 19th of April. Our new lava aromatherapy jewellery range is proving to be a great success! Feedback received from our wonderful customers, tell us they love wearing a stunning piece of jewellery that does so much more than just look great. The healing properties of essential oils, lava stone and crystals, combined with the spiritual significance of each of the charms brings so much more.

Each piece is hand-crafted, designed to capture the symbolism of the charm, as well as showcase the natural beauty of the lava-bead, combine this with our TLC 100% pure essential oil blend and you have a piece of jewellery that is not only exquisite but also contains healing properties. Makes an ideal gift for a loved one, or for yourself.

Lava Stone

Basalt, which is also known as Lava Stone or Lava Rock is an igneous volcanic rock, created with intense heat, and solidified from molten lava. Once it has cooled, it becomes porous and its colour ranges from grey to black. It is reputed as being one of the oldest and most frequently found stones in the world, and as such has been used by countless cultures throughout the ages for its healing properties.

Lava Stone derives from the core of the earth, and as such is a grounding stone, it is known as a stone of strength and courage. It is associated with the Phoenix, rebirth, and shedding unwanted layers of emotional attachment.

Lava Stone’s porous nature makes it ideal for diffusing essential oils, for a list of our 100% pure essential oil blends to compliment our jewellery, please check out our ETSY store.

Charm Symbolism

Tree of Life

Fashioned as an intricate piece of jewellery, the Tree of Life is arguably one of the most recognised symbols worldwide. The Tree of Life is a symbol of mysticism and our connection to the spirit realm, with the tree itself symbolising strength, wisdom, and longevity. It embodies our ancestry and, just as significantly, our future – it represents where we have come from and, by its very nature, ensures our immortality. Today, the Tree of Life, worn as jewellery, has come to symbolise the interconnectivity of our universe and all those who inhabit it.


Dreamcatchers originally associated with Native American cultures, have today become a very popular item of jewellery in many countries throughout the world. For some, it is worn as an amulet to provide protection from negative energies, while others may be drawn to its beauty without really understanding its culturally rich and symbolic history. Dreamcatchers represent love, honesty and purity and bless the wearer with pleasant dreams, good luck, and harmony throughout their lives.

Angel Wings

Angels are said to be God’s Warriors in both Eastern and the Western cultures, and as such are fearsome and protective, acting as a link between the spiritual and physical realms. Their role, amongst others, is to heal and guide us while providing love, support, comfort, and protection, especially in times of need.  Wearing Angel Wings as jewellery helps us feel connected to the spirit realm and reminds us that we are being watched over by our angels. Angel Wing jewellery also symbolizes freedom, spirituality, comfort and protection.

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