Healing Clay Mask Meditation

Healing Clay Mask Meditation. The healing power of Australian mineral mud
and the meditation benefits and effects of focusing on the mind-body.

healing clay meditation
healing clay meditation

Healing Mud Meditation

In preparation: Healing mud, I prefer crystal kisses a soft cleansing pale clay. A scented candle adds mood and brings in the element of fire. The elements of earth and water ( quartz crystal infused pure water) are contained in the healing mud, along with minerals and trace elements. Open your window or door to usher in the element of air.

Before applying the mineral healing mud, a brief centring is required. Sit down arms and legs unfolded, take three deep breaths in through the nose and exhale out of the mouth. Close the eyes and open your third eye (pineal gland) and crown chakras. Focus on driving this energy through the base chakra (kundalini). Do this for three minutes or so.

Apply the healing mineral mud with a soft brush, within your thoughts and feelings, concentrate on the wetness of the mud touching the skin. As you caress your face, soothing and gently pampering your skin, conjure the raised energy you created before and place it into every brushstroke.

Once finished take yourself outside into nature, since the sun and shade. Feel the healing mineral mud dry slowly and gently on your face. Each second of drying is drawing the toxins, oil and dirt from not only your face but within your entire body and aura field.

Take a seat and relax with the healing feeling each section of your face feels when you sense the drying mineral mud. Sit for ten minutes or so. To wash off the healing mud mask into a basin is a big no-no. Run a warm shower or bath, with your hands ( or a partner’s hand) and water only wash the body with the healing mineral mud. Allow it once again to cleanse purify detox and heal the bodies pains and ailments. © psychic medium Ian Scott

I can’t thank Ian enough for this guest post. Psychic medium Ian Scott runs his own website, Sentient Metaphysics please visit for more spiritual meditations, music psychic news articles and much more. Many blessings and thank you once again, Linda.

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