Angel On Rose Quartz Crystal ROK ANGEL


Pewter Rok Angel 3x3cm
Rose Quartz Crystal – 10 to 15cm
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Pewter Angel Rose Quartz Crystal “ROK ANGEL”

Angels are said to be God’s Warriors in both Eastern and the Western cultures, and as such are fearsome and protective, acting as a link between the spiritual and physical realms. Their role, amongst others, is to heal and guide us while providing love, support, comfort, and protection, especially in times of need.

Angels accompany each person for their entire life and their strength, swiftness and healing energies are without equal. Hold your Rok Angel and pour your thoughts into it. You will be amazed how your angel can help you.

Our pewter Angel sits atop uncut Rose Quartz crystal. This is known as the love crystal, it promotes self-love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love. It also encourages positive energy, aids in compassion, and promotes forgiveness and harmony.

Place your Rok Angel by your favourite seat, or take it with you to your workplace, as it improves energy in both the person it belongs to and space it is in – the subtle luminescence of the pink stone radiates nurturing love and universal harmony. Or have it watch over you as you sleep, but where ever you choose to place it, you can be sure that you are loved and protected.

Your angel rose quartz size, shape, weight and even colour vary, as each piece of rose quartz crystal are individual and unique.

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