Mineral Clay Masks Australia Restore

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Mineral Clay Masks Australia Restore

TLC range of healing mineral clay masks have been blended using specially sourced natural active Australian clays. Rare earth, abundant minerals, crystal clay, and pure active mineral water combine perfectly to produce mineral mud with superior healing qualities that naturally detoxes, cleanses, nourishes and tones. We do not use any additives and, as our natural blends testify, we cannot improve what mother nature has already perfected.

Ideal for combination skin, Mineral Mask combines strength with gentleness. An uplifting, cleansing face mask that absorbs excess grease, restores smoothness and improves skin texture, tone and clarity, making it a perfect treatment for oily T-zones. Deep-drawing, Mineral Mask helps repair skin conditions and improves your complexion as it gently removes toxins, impurities and harmful bacteria. Mineral Mask helps restore skin’s pH balance and acts as an excellent skin cleanser.

Use regularly to avoid dreaded pimples. Gentle but powerful healing minerals stimulate new skin cell growth and help prevent scarring. For best results apply as a face mask, alternatively dab onto individual blemishes or troublesome areas. A regular light mask is the key. Leaves skin soft, refreshed, alive!

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1 review for Mineral Clay Masks Australia Restore

  1. Roger Loudable

    Great product cleared up acne in a matter of days also I found it good for healing cuts and scratches after working in the garden. Thanks, Linda for the fast delivery.

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