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Clay Masks Crystal Kisses

TLC range of healing mineral clay masks has been blended using specially sourced natural active Australian clays. Rare earth, abundant minerals, crystal clay, and pure active mineral water combine perfectly to produce mineral mud with superior healing qualities that naturally detoxes, cleanses, nourishes and tones. We do not use any additives and, as our natural blends testify, we cannot improve what mother nature has already perfected.

Ideal for sensitive, drier skin, Crystal Kisses is a lovely light pampering mask. Still healing, as we only use healing clay, but is a light mask that is not as intense as the deeper drawing masks suited for more oily skin types. It breathes new energy into tired neglected skin as it hydrates, firms and refines.

Superfine white crystal clay kisses your skin with a softening, soothing, and calming effect. This mask is incredibly gentle, you hardly know you have it on! A favourite mask of mature skin types as it offers rich hydrating and healing powers, fights against the loss of elasticity and dehydration and dissolves and exfoliates dead cells.

Safely and gently treat nappy rash for babies and ideal to treat cuts, abrasions, and insect bites for toddlers. A regular light mask leaves skin feeling clean, refreshed, dewy soft, and silky smooth

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