Drinking Clay 100% Natural Australian Zeolite Powder


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Drinking Clay 100% Natural Australian Zeolite Healing Powder

The TL Collection has unearthed a wonderful pure 100% Natural Australian Micronised Clinoptilolite, a super-fine crystalline Zeolite powder suitable for drinking. Does not contain any fillers. Available in two sizes, 200 & 400gram. Approx 5grams per teaspoon, once a day.

Detoxify everyday drinking clay. Ingesting or drinking clay assists in eliminating toxins, and is ideal to cleanse your body internally, just as your clay mask does for your face externally. It also acts as a great mineral supplement, containing magnesium, calcium, silica and many others.

What Is Zeolite?

Zeolite is a natural mineral in its micronized form. During micronization the microcrystalline structure is fragmented under pressure, releasing more “activity” than exists in the mother stone. Zeolite, formed some 320-340 million years ago during prior geological times, resulting from volcanic explosions blasting into the atmosphere fine ash particles and volcanic glass that settled into lakes, swamps, dams, etc. Over time the volcanic glass changed into finely detailed structures we know today as Zeolite.

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Zeolite?

Taken orally as a colloidal suspension Zeolite has many benefits. In cases of organic disorders, its intense activity eliminates and destroys unhealthy cells and activates the rebuilding of healthy ones and acts as a cleansing agent eliminating all noxious substances. Zeolite is described as a “super-antioxidant and an immunostimulant” by medical researchers in Europe who claim that it eliminates free radicals from our systems and acts as a preventative measure to ensure good health.

It is also a mineral supplement with the most active minerals being calcium, magnesium, and silica but there are many more minerals and trace elements too. Another benefit of drinking Zeolite is its ability to quickly rebalance the blood’s pH level. The pH level of blood should ideally be between 7.35 and 7.45. Our TL Collection Zeolite has a pH level of 7.4. This is extremely important when you look at the issue of mutating cells and acid level conditions in the body. People have been ingesting clay and zeolite for years with many beneficial outcomes, however not all clays/zeolites are created equally, and only those suited to drinking should be used. See our article on drinking clay here >>

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