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Tea Light Candles Soy Pure essential oils pack of 6

Soy Candle T-Lites Burn time approx. 5-6 hours each. Pack Of Six. Hand-made using superior eco soya, pure cotton wicks, and essential oils. Burn time is approximately 5-6 hours, hand poured to delight the senses.

Marrakesh – Vanilla, Rose Geranium, Cinnamon, Ylang Ylang, Rosewood, Ginger
Inspired by the enchanting spices of Morocco, this wonderful aromatic blend takes you on an exotic journey to far-away places. Burn this candle and enjoy the exotic spicy aroma while your mind drifts to far-away lands.

Sugar n Spice – Cinnamon, Mandarin, Orange, Clove Ginger
This blend will delight with its sweet tangy citrus aroma and revitalize the senses with the addition of rich, warm spices. This is a wonderful candle to burn to stimulate energy at times of fun and good cheer.

Coconut Rush – Cinnamon, Pine, Geranium, Coconut
If you love the exotic smell of coconut, this blend will not only delight your senses it will take you to another level. Burn this candle any time you need to transported to another blissful time and place.

Vanilla Spice – Vanilla, Orange, Mandarin, Rose Geranium, Cinnamon, Ginger
This is a wonderful sweet blend that promotes love, happiness, and enthusiasm. Burn this fragrant candle and enjoy the rich, sweet, yet warm aroma that invokes energy, love, and joy.

Four Thieves – Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Clove, Lemon, Lavender
Burn this candle in a sick room or at any time you wish to defend yourself from colds, flu and the dreaded lurgies that abound during the cooler winter months. Linda Philip The TL Collection.

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Marrakesh, Sugar n Spice, Cocnut Rush, Vanilla Spice


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