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Healing Benefits Of Clay Masks

Healing Benefits Of Clay Masks

Healing Benefits Of Clay Masks

There are many benefits to using Mineral Mud, and it is much more than a wonderful, soothing, cleansing, face mask. First-aid care with mineral mud is easy, safe, and effective. Mud has many actions, for example, it cleanses deeply and draws out the toxic matter, while at the same time exfoliating dead skin cells. Mud is antiseptic, destroying harmful bacteria without attacking the surrounding healthy cells. Its regenerative qualities promote regrowth of healthy cells and minimise scarring. It has a soothing action on pain. It is stimulating, as it brings oxygen-rich blood to the surface of the skin, helping heal injuries quickly.

Research also indicates mud therapy reduces water retention around areas of tissue damage and speeds recovery after a major injury or surgery. Where many other therapies don’t seem to work, try mud, you may be amazed at the results.

How to apply Mineral Mud for healing

There are several ways in which you can apply healing mineral mud, the most common being poultices, compresses, or directly onto the wound or afflicted area.

Mineral Mud Poultice

Place a piece of gauze or cloth (or even paper towel), folded in two, using a wooden spoon spread an even layer of mud onto the prepared cloth, thickness depending on the wound, and place on the area to be treated.

healing mud
Alchemy Earth Magic

Mineral Mud Compress

To use as a compress, soak a fine bandage in the thin mud. Squeeze out the excess water. Wrap the soaked bandage around the injured area, not too tight, and cover it with another bandage. For even more relief try applying a layer of mud on top of the injury before applying the compress.

Mineral Mud Directly on the wound
Apply mud with a clean brush directly onto the affected area. To minimise the risk of infection, it is best to avoid using your hands.

Healing Bumps and Sprains With Mineral Mud

Apply a thick layer of mud to the injury. When the mud dries rinse it off. Continue reapplying mud until the pain stops. If the injury is swollen, eg sprained ankle or knee, apply mud compresses until the swelling goes down and the pain stops.

Healing Itches and Stings With Mineral Mud

Bring instant relief to itching bites and stings by dabbing mineral mud onto the affected area. Minerals in the mud draw out infection while healing affected skin cells.

Healing Blemishes, Freckles, Spots and Warts With Mineral Mud
Treat warts, blemishes, blotches, age spots and sun spots with mud. Dab a small amount of mud onto each spot and the surrounding area. Repeat applications as often as possible. With time and a little effort, blemishes will fade and, with perseverance, may even disappear.

Healing Abscess and Boils With Mineral Mud

Do not touch affected area as this may impede the healing process. Apply mud poultices, renewing them every 1-1/2 hours. A poultice helps pus eliminate through the outlet of the infection (boil or abscess). Once the abscess has “ripened” apply regular clay poultices. Do not cover with anything that does not let it breathe. To reduce/eliminate scarring, continue mud applications, even when abscess or boil is dry.

healing mud
Applying Mineral Mud

Healing Sunburn With Mineral Mud

Mineral mud soothes burned skin, relieves pain, draws out the heat, diminishes redness and prevents blistering. The mud removes dead skin cells then repairs and rejuvenates cells damaged by the sun. Applying mud to the burned areas as soon as possible may assist in avoiding problems in the future like skin cancers and melanomas.

Apply a thin mud to the sunburned area as soon as possible. If the sunburn is severe, rinse off before the mud dries or apply as a poultice. Repeat the process until all the heat has been eliminated. This may take up to two or three treatments.

Healing Minor Burns With Mineral Mud

Burns are treated in a similar way as sunburn, however, it is best not to apply mud directly to the skin especially for severe burns. Apply mud to gauze or paper towel in the first instance. If the burn is very bad and the skin is broken don’t run it under running water as the skin may become even more damaged, soak it in a basin of cold water instead, then apply mineral mud using a poultice. Continue applying mud after the pain has gone to prevent scarring.

Healing Headaches With Mineral Mud

Headaches, sinusitis, ear inflammations, apply mud to the nape of your neck. For migraines, use poultices alternately on the nape of the neck and forehead. Warm mud may work better on some headaches than cold mud. Mud works well on its own, however, adding a few drops of essential lavender oil may also help. If a headache is caused from neck problems continue applying mud from the temples down the side of the face and neck and around to the back of the neck up to the hairline being sure to cover the tender area at the base of the skull.

As you have so much area covered you might as well cover your face too, then sit comfortably and relax. Relaxing the muscles in your face, neck and shoulders will help to soothe your headache and improve your posture. Once mud dries, rinse off. Whether applying a face-mask, compress, poultice, or directly onto the skin, there are many benefits to using Mineral Mud. I hope you enjoy discovering how safely, effectively, and efficiently mineral mud helps the healing process. © Linda Philip

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Healing Clay Mask Meditation

mud masks

Healing Mud Meditation

In preparation: Healing mud, I prefer crystal kisses a soft cleansing pale clay. A scented candle adds mood and brings in the element of fire. The elements of earth and water ( quartz crystal infused pure water) are contained in the healing mud, along with minerals and trace elements. Open your window or door to usher in the element of air.

Before applying the mineral healing mud, a brief centring is required. Sit down arms and legs unfolded, take three deep breaths in through the nose and exhale out of the mouth. Close the eyes and open your third eye (pineal gland) and crown chakras. Focus on driving this energy through the base chakra (kundalini). Do this for three minutes or so.

Apply the healing mineral mud with a soft brush, within your thoughts and feelings, concentrate on the wetness of the mud touching the skin. As you caress your face, soothing and gently pampering your skin, conjure the raised energy you created before and place it into every brush stroke.

Once finished take yourself outside into nature, sennce the sun and shade. Feel the healing mineral mud dry slowly and gently on your face. Each second of drying is drawing the toxins, oil and dirt from not only your face but within your entire body and aura field.

Take a seat and relax with the healing feeling each section of your face feels when you sense the drying mineral mud. Sit for ten minutes or so. To wash off the healing mud mask into a basin is a big no-no. Run a warm shower or bath, with your hands ( or a partner’s hand) and water only wash the body with the healing mineral mud. Allow it once again to cleanse purify detox and heal the bodies pains and ailments. © psychic medium Ian Scott

I can’t thank Ian enough for this guest post. Psychic medium Ian Scott runs his own free spiritual magazine, Thrive on news please visit for more spiritual meditations, music psychic news articles and much more. Many blessings and thank you once again, Linda.

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Healing Clay Australia

healing mud mask

Much more than a face mask

Clay and mud treatments have been used in many parts of the world for centuries because of its extraordinary healing qualities. It is believed that mud masks are among the oldest known facial treatments, dating back to Cleopatra’s time and beyond. Clay is extensively used today in the cosmetic industry in a wide variety of products for the face and body.

There are many benefits associated with clay as it contains cleansing and toning properties, as well as being analgesic and antiseptic. Clay removes toxins giving your skin a healthy glow. Mineral mud also stimulates cells and promotes new, healthy tissue growth. Ridding toxic build-up helps restore lost beauty.

Australian Mineral Mud Masks

The TL Collection range of healing mineral mud masks have been blended using specially sourced natural active Australian clays. Rare earth, abundant minerals, crystal clay, and pure active mineral water combine perfectly to produce mineral mud with superior healing qualities that naturally detoxes, cleanses, nourishes and tones. TLC mud mask range offers a uniquely pure Australian product that doesn’t mask skin imperfections but works naturally under the skin’s surface to heal skin problems. We do not use any additives as, our natural blends testify, we cannot improve what mother-nature has already perfected. However, mud is also much much more than a beauty treatment.

Clay Masks Australia Crystal Kisses


First-aid care with mineral mud is safe, easy, and effective. Mud has many actions, it can be argued that the most significant of these is its power of absorption, in that substances are drawn into the clay, which is turn expands in accordance with the amount of toxins extracted. Therefore, applying mud to an open wound will draw out any dirt, foreign particles, and infected matter while at the same time its regenerative qualities promote regrowth of healthy cells thereby helping minimise scarring. Research also indicates that mud treatments reduce water retention around areas of tissue damage thereby fast-tracking recovery after a major injury or surgery. It has a soothing action on pain, particularly those from inflammation and injuries, while it’s stimulating properties brings oxygen-rich blood to the surface of the skin, helping heal injuries quickly.

Magical Mud Natural Healing

Mud helps heal abscesses, sores and ulcers, particularly those tropical sores that seem to take so long to heal, as it cleans away pus and dead-matter while aiding in the rebuilding of healthy tissues and cells. When many other treatments don’t seem to work, try mud, you will be amazed at the results. In tropical areas, every insect bite and open wound has the potential to become a tropical ulcer. Applying mineral mud stops the bite or wound from becoming infected. Furthermore, mud relieves the sting or itch of bites very quickly and eliminates the need for scratching, another cause of infection. Mud also brings rapid relief to wasp stings and green-ant bites.

Tl Collection Of Eco-Friendly Mineral Mud

We have created a range of face masks that are deep cleansing, detoxifying, rehydrating, uplifting and healing. All masks can be safely applied anywhere on your body and will greatly assist in healing cuts, abrasions, wounds, scarring, inflammation, insect bites etc. We do not use any chemicals, fragrances, or oils. Our range consists of the following and can be used for the face and body, you will be amazed at the results in whatever way you use them. © Linda Philip

healing mud maskCrystal Combat Healing Mud Mask

Extreme deep cleanse, suited to problematic oily, acne-prone skin.

healing mud maskMineral Mud Mask

combination skin, ideal to treat oily t-zones without drying more sensitive area.

healing mud maskLiquid Gold Healing Mud Mask

Dry skin, gentle re-hydrating mask

healing mud maskCrystal Kisses Healing Mud Mask

A light pampering yet rehydrating mask, ideal for mature skin as well as the very young. This blend makes a perfect solution to nappy rash, it is so soft and gentle and absorbs safely into the skin, while gently healing even the most delicate of skin – no need to wash off.

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Aromatherapy Body Sprays Pure Essential Oils

Aromatherapy Body Sprays Pure Essential Oils. Aromatherapy body sprays, for sale. Today aromatherapy is a well-known holistic therapy assisting with physical and emotional health and well-being.


Like Clay therapy, the use of aromatic plants for religious, medical, cosmetic and magikal purposes have been used by various civilizations throughout history. Aromatherapy today is a well-known holistic therapy assisting with physical and emotional health and well-being.

Essential oils can affect us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The TL Collection has created a range of body sprays using pure essential oils. Please Note: essential oils should be used with caution during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Four Thieves
Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lavender

This is our take on the medieval blend that according to folklore was used to protect people from catching the plague! Our blend is perfect as the winter is now upon us – it is great to spray in a sick room, on bed linen and, of course yourself, to help ward off or minimize the effects of colds and flu.

Heaven’s Scent – Lavender
The use of Lavender has been documented for thousands of years and may be one of the Western World’s most popular plants. Lavender is also gaining in popularity as being the herb of love, maybe because it encourages deep relaxation.

The TL Collection spray has many uses, for example spray some on your pillow to aid meditation, stimulate dream recall, and assist with sleep. Lavender is a natural disinfectant and its scent masks many house-hold smells as it cleans, freshens and deodorizes.


Uplifting Ylang Ylang, Rosewood, Bergamot
This is a wonderful spray to help lift your spirits, clarify your mind, and assist confidence and inner strength. Ylang Ylang is used to attract love, enhance sensuality, and helps to let go of guilt and other negative emotions. Spray some in the morning and have a happy day.

Anti-Depressant Bergamot, Lime, Jasmin, Grapefruit
A wonderful blend to elevate your spirit, revitalise your mind, and help overcome despondency. Keep a bottle handy to spray when you need to increase your inner strength, reawaken lost interest, restore mental and emotional peace, and overcome self-doubt, insecurities and negative emotions. © Linda Philip