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Lava Stone Feather Jewellery

feather jewellery

Feather jewellery The TL Collection

Feathers are a beautiful jewellery accessory. They can be crafted into necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and earrings and have been utilized by many civilizations old and new. They have a long and symbolic history that is still relevant in today’s modern world. The beauty of a feather, crafted in intricate detail and worn as jewellery is a wonderful way to keep the feather’s symbolism close to you or to remember a loved one who has passed.

Feathers have long been considered sacred to many cultures throughout the ages. Native Americans wore feathers to symbolize their communication with Spirit, and they were often used in sacred clothing, weaponry, tools, jewellery and dreamcatchers. In Egypt, the feather represents Ma’at, the goddess of truth, justice and order. Druids wore robes made of feathers to invoke the sky gods to gain knowledge from spirit realms. In Christianity, feathers are said to represent the virtues of faith, hope, and charity.

feather jewellery

Feathers Spiritual Meaning

Many ancient civilizations believed birds could carry messages to and from the spirit world as birds are associated with the heavens, and consequently provide us with the ability to connect with our gods and goddesses.  Birds, with their ability to soar through our infinite skies with complete liberty, came to symbolise freedom, transcendence, and communication with the spirit realm.

Feathers, magickal by association, are given to us by bird totems such as the crow, dove, and eagle and are connected to feminine power and freedom. And as such, they are also a symbol of fertility, growth, and abundance. Wearing a feather helps you to attract good fortune while deterring negativity. They represent freedom of your mind and soul by liberating your beliefs and boundaries, allowing you to travel through life without restriction.

Wearing feathers crafted into exquisite jewellery pieces is a beautiful yet potent symbol. Feathers signify truth, honour, abundance, strength, wisdom, and freedom and are used as a form of communication between us and the spirit realm. Do you have a special piece of jewellery fashioned from these gifts of the universe?  © Linda Philip