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Tree of Life Lava Jewellery Aromatherapy

tree of life lava stone jewellery

Tree of Life Lava Jewellery Aromatherapy

Fashioned as an intricate piece of jewellery, today the Tree of Life is arguably one of the most recognised symbols worldwide.  An ancient symbol, that transcends cultures, religions, and civilizations since time began, it is still today recognized as a beautiful, yet relevant symbol and makes for an intricate design for necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

There are so many references to immortalised trees since time immemorial, and often there is one that is of special significance. For example, for Christianity, it can be traced to the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve and the Tree of Knowledge. The Egyptian god Osiris, and goddess Isis, Egypt’s first couple, are believed to have been borne from the acacia tree which ‘life and death are enclosed’. For the Hindu, the banyan tree has special significance while Buddha is said to have attained Enlightenment under a Bodhi tree.  The Ancient Celts had a very strong association with trees believing them to be magickal – humans originated from trees – therefore they were a doorway to the spirit realm.

Tree of Life Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

Today, the Tree of Life, worn as jewellery, has come to symbolise the interconnectivity of our universe and all those who inhabit it. The tree itself symbolising strength, wisdom, longevity.

The seasonal cycle of shedding leaves in autumn, hibernating in winter, regrowth and blossoming in spring and full splendour during summer, represents rebirth. As such, it symbolizes renewal, positive energy, health and prosperity. It is also a symbol of immortality, as a tree goes through its life cycles and matures, it bears the seeds from which new seedlings are created containing its very life essence, and thus the lifecycle continues, and the tree becomes immortal.

The Tree of Life is a symbol of mysticism and our connection to the spirit realm.  It embodies our ancestry and, just as significantly, our future – it represents where we have come from and, by its very nature, ensures our immortality.  But perhaps more significantly it symbolises our connection to the universe and all those that thrive in it because without trees and all that they embody, our world would be a very barren and different place.  What does the Tree of Life symbolise for you? Purchase your tree of life lava stone jewellery with the TL Collection > © Linda Philip